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Episode 10: Talking Life at 80 with David Shepherd

First, apologies for the three months of radio silence. The Take A Break Podcast took its own break while I moved from Champaign, IL, back to my beloved San Francisco Bay Area. After driving 3506 miles to California, by way of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Albuquerque, and Arizona, I am finally getting settled and actively looking for work.

Second, I am excited to share with you now the most recent episode of Take A Break. This was an interview I did with my father over the Christmas holidays while I was back in England. Apart from talking about his recent 80th birthday celebrations, we covered a lot of ground, chatting about being a wartime baby in England, his first car, back-packing around the world at the age of 60, and getting his most recent degree at 70. There’s plenty of life left in the old salty dog yet.


Where is Salt?

The Hollybush Inn, Salt

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