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Episode 3 is Available! Adam Wisnewski, Cooking Coach and Entrepreneur

Adam Wisnewski, Breakfast Life and Dinner, Cooking coach and entrepreneur

In Episode 3, Victoria sits down with Champaign-Urbana cooking coach and entrepreneur Adam Wisnewski, owner of Breakfast Life and Dinner. You’ll get hungry listening, so make sure you have snacks close to hand!

In addition to being available for download and streaming at WPCD 88.7 and victoria-shepherd.com, the Take A Break Podcast is now available via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify! Subscribe, rate and review until your fingers fall off 😊


Breakfast Life and Dinner



Daily Bread Soup Kitchen


Credit for the soundtrack for Take A Break goes to Kelsey Sharp and her song “Shine.” Find out more about Kelsey on her FaceBook Page, Kelsey Sharp Music.