Client Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with Victoria.  She has not just met but exceeded expectations for however we have worked with her.  She has been a top on-screen talent for several years, and now I have started working with her as a freelance writer. It has been so great to be able to provide a few notes and visuals and get back a script that is both engaging and checks all the boxes. She is a great asset to our team.”

– Brianne Zulauf-Maciejowski, Director of Video, Miles Media

“It’s been excellent working with Victoria. Very timely and very open to feedback. Would hire again in an instant.”

– Ben Kaufman,

“Victoria is a true professional. She is very timely in her responses, and her voiceover work is very well done. Excellent tone and diction, quality recording equipment and a signature voiceover style that works well for our clients.” —

– Emilie DeLong, Miles Partnership

“Working with Victoria has been an absolute pleasure. Her communication is always prompt and professional. She is immediately responsive to direction and committed to delivering great performances. Above all else is Victoria’s ability to bring nuance to a script. As a contributor to our project, she was asked to make many subtle adjustments to tone and pacing. She never let us down.” —

– Theo Elliott, Ratio 3 Gallery

“I am very impressed with the video Victoria created for Mobile Mutts Rescue Transports. It is wonderful! Amazing…..absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much!!!! I am so glad you made the choice to use MMRT for your project!”

– Earl Stevens, Mobile Mutts Rescue Transports